Save The Earth (And Some Coin) With Printer Stop

Dec 23, 2015

Printer Stop’s mission is to provide quality, economically priced office products, used printers, services and solutions and deliver superior value to our customers so that we can earn their respect and loyalty. We like to take it one step further by speaking to our environmental implications that coincide with our refurbished printer services.

Printer Cartridges

In North America alone, nearly 350 million printer cartridges end up in landfills each year. This is likely because most people do not realize the easy capability a cartridge has to be recycled. A typical printer cartridge can be recycled and remanufactured about three or four times prior to needing to be thrown away. Moreover, only 30% of people recycle cartridges. Please make an effort to recycle your cartridges or purchase remanufactured or resold cartridges from Printer Stop.


Every printer uses paper. It’s what makes a printer work the way it does. And paper affords printer users the greatest opportunity to save the earth. By weight, paper makes up nearly ⅓ of America’s recyclables. That means nearly 71 million tons are used and recycled each year. As a country that thrives on the written word, it is extremely impressive that approximately 33% of new paper materials are actually created from previously recycled materials. That’s great!

Refurbished Printers

A great travesty is the notion of a disposable culture. If something doesn’t work, throw it away. That seems to be the new mantra of our society, and it’s just a bummer. We believe in repair and remanufacturing. We believe in fixing printers and selling them to you at an affordable rate. This keeps printers out of the landfill and into the hands of an appreciative user. Printer Stop offers refurbished printers for sale at an economically friendly price.

By purchasing refurbished printers for sale, remanufactured cartridges (and then recycling them upon use), and recycling paper, you can become an environmental steward while still supporting the written word. Win-win-win!