Welcome To The PrinterStop Blog!

Jun 24, 2015

Welcome to the PrinterStop blog! Here you’ll find the ins-and-outs, tips-and-tricks, news-and-happenings of our refurbished printer life. We think one of the most respectful things we can do in this world is to have environmental and economical responsibility. We challenge ourselves to bring you the best office products, services, and solutions in both the environmental and financial sense. We believe in this so much that it is at the core of our company.

Our blog is your source for an inside look into PrinterStop. What are we up to? What types of refurbished printers are for sale? Is there anything new or innovative happening in the printer industry? You can always check back here for new information, and - as always - you can contact us here if you have any questions, comments, or blog suggestions. You are our first priority!

What started as a local company in Raleigh, NC has now gone national as you are able to research and buy your office supplies from your home or business. Even more, you can count on PrinterStop to repair your printer - either bring it into our shop or ship it to us. Our specialty is laser printer and copier repair services; however, we also service impact, Zebra, and HP Designjet Plotters. By making the effort to repair and refurbish printers, we keep waste out of landfills and utilize technology that is still usable. We believe in fixing things up properly to ensure quality products.

Take the stress out of finding high quality and affordable office supplies by shopping at PrinterStop. Plus, you can rest assured that you’re doing the right thing for the earth by repairing your printer or purchasing refurbished office supplies. Enjoy printer supplies at your convenience with PrinterStop.