PrinterStop Also Offers Printer Repair Services

Nov 04, 2015

Unlike most of our competitors, PrinterStop offers repair services alongside selling our refurbished printers. If you think like we do, then chances are you aren’t willing to give up on your printer at the first sign of trouble. There’s something to be said about taking the time to look into the trouble to find the solution, which is our exact purpose here at PrinterStop.

Not only does PrinterStop offer refurbished printers and plotters for sale, but we have technicians in-house that can fully service your current machine. It starts with a repair estimate. You can ship us your printer or bring it to our Raleigh, NC office for a $49 estimate. We service a variety of laser printer makes and models including Zebra, Xante, Xerox, Lexmark, IBM, HP, and Canon. Moreover, PrinterStop’s trained technicians can service your copiers, Zebra label printers and HP plotters if you live in Raleigh. It’s very difficult to mail these types of products which is why we only service those if dropped of locally.

To make sure we can offer you the best service, we’re offering on-site service in the Raleigh-Durham (Triangle) area of NC. For all laser, impact, and Zebra on-site printer services, we charge $97 for the 1st hour and $90/hour thereafter. For all HP Designjet Plotter on-site printer services, we charge $125 for the 1st hour and $90/hour thereafter. While we require a one-hour minimum charge, most service projects have a flat rate quote.

Don’t give up on your printer just because it isn’t working exactly as it did the first day - give PrinterStop a call or stop by our office for repair services. If your printer has surpassed your desired service solution, don’t forget we have other refurbished printers for sale!