3 More Signs Your Office Could Benefit From Our Refurbished Printers

May 15, 2016

In our last blog article, we began exploring a few indicators that it may be time to replace your loyal office printer. Quickly growing businesses with expanding offices tend to find that their printers soon can’t keep up with their increased printing demands. When companies realize they need to upgrade their printers, they turn to PrinterStop for refurbished printers for sale at unbeatable prices.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Invest In Refurbished Printers For Your Office?

If you’re not sure whether or not your office will benefit from investing in new or refurbished printers, check out the following indicators.

Are your printer repair costs becoming greater than the cost of a new printer?

There are some essential printer parts that are so expensive that, after a few repeated problems, repair costs are no longer financially effective. For example, your printer’s fuser is imperative to your printer’s function, but it is so costly that even a one-time expense may not warrant the effort compared to simply investing in a newer model.

Is your printer struggling to keep up with new technology?

Computing technology is quickly advancing, and most printer models are moving away from physical, wired-connections in favor of online access through wireless or bluetooth technology. If your old-fashioned printer isn’t giving you remote access or doesn’t provide wireless printing for your employees, it may be time to ditch it!

Does your company own a myriad of printer brands?

All printers have different specifications depending on their brand and model. Your office doesn’t need to spend time juggling the demands (and personalities) of different printer brands. Decide which brand you like the most, and invest in some refurbished printers of the same brand to replace the others. 

If it’s time to replace or invest in more printing appliances for your office, shop PrinterStop’s online selection of affordable refurbished printers for sale today!