How To Replace a Toner Cartridge in a HP Laser Printer

Jul 24, 2015

The first time I ever had to think about changing a toner cartridge for a laser printer, I felt overwhelmed. My father had just given me his HP Laser Jet 4000n, and after a few uses I saw the change toner indicator light blinking. I was very comfortable changing out ink cartridges in a jet printer; however, a laser printer seemed so foreign to me that I procrastinated switching out the old toner.

One morning before an interview, I had to print out several copies of my resume. I was already running late so I was frantic when I clicked the print button and a change toner message appeared. Every time that message blinked on the screen, I felt my anxiety level increase; I was being forced to leave my comfort zone by a machine! Luckily, I had a spare toner cartridge on the shelf. Finally, without a minute to spare, I put aside my fears and changed the toner cartridge. Remarkably, the process was quicker and easier than replacing ink jet cartridges!

Below are the steps on how to replace a laser printer toner cartridge:

1) Lift the laser printer's lid exposing the toner cartridge. Look for a handle that will assist in removing the cartridge. Be careful not to get the toner powder on your hands or clothes. Examine the cartridge for its make and model number and jot it down. Dispose of the cartridge or recycle it.

2) Based on your budget, decide whether you want to spend the money for an original manufacturer toner or an OEM compatible toner (less expensive choice). Then choose whether you want to purchase it online or at a local office supply store. Either choice, be sure to use the make and model information previously jotted down.

3) When the new toner is in hand, remove it from the box, gently shake it, remove plastic covering, and remove protective tape.

4) Insert new cartridge into toner seat aligning arrows. Gently push cartridge until it snaps into place.

5) Close the cover and print a test page to verify that it is installed correctly. Congrats! It is now ready for you to use!