How to extend the life of your printer

Aug 07, 2015

The tremendous impact of printers upon today’s computer-dependent world is fairly obvious. And, it goes without saying that a printer malfunction at the wrong moment can have serious consequences for just about any user. Thus, the issue of printer maintenance is worth addressing.

Printer Maintenance

Most people don’t focus particular attention on printer maintenance because the benefits are not easily observed. But, a properly maintained printer can significantly extend the useful life of many of its components. This will reduce costs associated with replacement and, just as critically, reduce the chance of a disaster when you’re up against a deadline and everything is riding on that final report.

Dot matrix printers typically have the cost-advantage when it comes to maintenance requirements. However, replacing the cartridge in a timely manner is important because this prevents debris from building-up on guide plates, thereby increasing plate lifespan.

Inkjet maintenance is mostly driven by printer heads. Simply removing the cartridge and wiping the head with a wet cloth (to ensure the pours are not blocked) should prove effective. And timely cartridge replacement is also important for inkjets. Finally, premature component failure can result from using inferior ink refills. This apparent cost-saving measure is likely to be self defeating.

Laser printers are the real maintenance challenge. The rollers must be cleaned with a damp cloth often and the interior of the printer should also be vacuumed regularly. In addition, after approximately 100,000 prints the fuser will need to be replaced. These are the minimum requirements.

Fortunately, many manufacturers provide maintenance kits for their printers. These kits typically include, for instance, the components which are most susceptible to wear & tear. The laser printer owner, with his additional maintenance concerns, would probably benefit greatly from the convenience and cost savings provided by a kit.

Today’s technology driven business, academic and home environments demand high quality printers that are reliable and affordable. And, the best way to achieve reliability and cost savings is through conscientious maintenance practices.