How to Download Print Drivers for Hewlett Packard (HP) Laser Printers

Sep 18, 2015

In order for your HP Printer to work correctly, you must install a print driver. A print driver is basically a set of instructions on the computer that communicates with a printer telling it how to perform efficiently. Before you install the drivers, you must download them onto your computer. If your printer is brand new, a driver disk should be in the box; however, if you misplaced your disk or just want the latest driver for your printer, here are the steps to download HP Print Drivers:

1) With your printer plugged into the computer, turn it on.

2) Write down the model of your printer (e.g. HP LaserJet 2400).

3) Log onto the Internet and go to the HP site:

4) After the site fully loads, click the "Support & Drivers" tab near the top of the site.

5) Select the "Download drivers and software (and firmware)" radio button.

6) Next enter the printer model that you wrote down in Step 2 in the textbox that says "Enter Product Name/Number".

7) Click the "Go" button.

8) The page with your printer model should appear.

9) Click on the link to select your operating system.

10) Scroll down to the drop down box to select your software driver language.

11) Under the drop down box, click the "Driver" link to jump down to the driver category.

12) After finding the correct printer model, click the "Download" button to the right.

13) Choose either to "Run" or "Save" the driver.

14) After the download is complete, the easiest way to install the driver is by double clicking the application and using the Installation Wizard.