How to Clean a Laser Printer

Sep 25, 2015

Before throwing your laser printer out the window or calling for pricey professional service, a little spring cleaning may be in order. Cleaning your laser printer may prevent many problems and expensive headaches down the road.

External cleansing:

1) If available, follow your printer manufacturer's manual cleaning instructions; it can be found in the printer manual.
2) You will need to find a soft cloth and cleaning solution (specifically for plastic); water usually will work.
3) Shut down and unplug the printer.
4) Pour the cleaning solution on the cloth enough to make it damp.
5) Wash the printer case by wiping the external plastic covering ensuring that fluid does not leak inside.

Cleaning the inside manually:

1) Take out the internal paper trays
2) Get an old piece of newspaper and carefully remove the toner cartridge placing it on the newspaper.
3) Retrieve a dry lint free cloth (and a brush if it was supplied by the manufacturer). Carefully clean the nook that holds the toner cartridge with the cloth and brush if supplied.
4) If the brush was provided by the manufacturer, gently brush the mirror to clean it. If the brush was not provided, do not clean the mirror.
5) Using the cloth, remove the dust, toner debris, paper fragments, and any other particles left behind.
6) Clean all rollers except the sponge roller.
7) Return the toner cartridge back to its cradle.

Cleaning using the printer software:

1) Double click the printer's utility program or open a Word document, in the menu go to File then Print
2) Once the printer software is opened, click on a button labeled "Options", "Troubleshooting", or something similar (the wording may vary depending on your printer).
3) Adhere to the directions on the screen in order to clean the printer
4) If you are not satisfied with the results, repeat the process.