Buying a Laser Printer or a Multifunction Printer: Realize your Requirements

Jul 03, 2015

When purchasing a laser printer or multifunction printer for your company, the correct questions need to be asked in order to meet your unique business needs.The following are some requirement considerations that should be made before buying a laser printer or a multifunction printer.

1) Understand the Laser Printer Users. Take into account the number of people using the laser printer of MFP. How many people will be demanding prints/copies from this device? Will the device be able to accommodate print/copy requests from the number of users? Think about the distance they will have to walk in order to use the device and how often they will use it.In many business environments, walking more than 50 feet to use a device will elicit complaints from users.

2) Color Needs. Are color prints/copies needed or going to be needed in the future? Is everybody in the office going to have accessibility to the color functions on the device or is it only going to be accessible to certain personnel?

3) Printing and Copying Speed. Is printing/copying speed a major factor? How many pages per second (pps) would you like your device to create? Before buying the device, test it for yourself. Do not take at face value the device’s manufacturer rated print/copy speed; it may be significantly overstated. Verify that it produces the print deliverables at the speed that meets your office's needs and expectations.

4) Print/Copy Sizes. Determine the most frequently used print/copy sizes and the sizes that may be used in the future. If there is a size that is used but not very frequently, is it worth the acquisition cost to acquire it?

5) Printing/Copying Volume and Budget. Determine how many prints/copies are needed in a month. Verify that the device you purchase can handle the estimated monthly print/copy volume. If it is a high volume of copies/prints, will your budget be able to handle a service contract? If it is a low volume, will your budget accommodate buying individual toners whenever it is out?

Once these factors are taken into consideration, you will have a better idea of the printing and copying needs of your office in order to make the best purchasing decision.

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