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HP Printer Repair

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Laser Support Services dba PrinterStop is the leading service provider for HP printer repair. We provide both on-site and carry-in printer repair options. Our highly skilled technicians will work diligently to properly diagnose what's wrong with your printer before proceeding with the repair process. We know the fixes for the most common printer issues, and we also know how to conduct a more extensive HP printer repair process when necessary.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are among the most annoying types of printer problems. They are usually caused by dust or dirt inside the printer, the wrong type of paper being used or worn rollers. While some of these fixes might be relatively simple, if you have worn rollers, you might want to consider enlisting a professional HP printer repair service like us to change your rollers for you. When we replace your rollers, we'll ensure that it is done properly, and we'll install a new preventative maintenance kit on your printer.

Toner Doesn't Stick or Smears

If the toner is not sticking to printed pages or it smears, then your fuser assembly is likely defective or at the end of its life cycle. Our technicians can replace your fuser as part of the preventative maintenance kit. Alternatively, you could simply have a defective toner cartridge that can easily be fixed by replacing the toner cartridge.

50.4 Error Messages

HP printers are known for displaying 50.4 error messages. While this might seem like a serious issue, the 50.4 error message simply means that there is a problem with the power supply or fuser. Usually, you can fix this issue by plugging the printer directly into the wall if it's plugged into a UPS or power strip. Printers should never be plugged into a UPS because of the power surges that they required to keep the fuser assembly warm. If plugging the printer directly into a power outlet doesn't fix the issue, then you might need to contact a printer repair company to delve further into the issue.

Faded Ink

If part or all of the ink on your printed pages is faded, then the printer could be low on toner, the print density could be set too low or Economode could be turned on. If after changing the toner, print density and Economode settings you're still experiencing faded ink, contact us.

We can find a solution for any type of printer problem you're experiencing, so contact us today with your HP printer issues.

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