Our Refurbishing Process

Refurbishing Process at PrinterStop:

Each off lease printer and used HP printer for sale are disassembled, blown free of toner, dust and debris, and inspected. Then, the outside covers are cleaned and all extra labels are removed. Next, the image quality and paper feed system are tested. The pickup rollers, feed rollers, and separation pads are replaced, if needed, with new parts and then multi-paper path tests are performed on all paper sources. The fuser assembly is inspected and refurbished by cleaning, re-lubricating, and replacing the fuser roller/film or direct replacement when necessary. Both the network card and formatter are tested and updated to the latest firmware version as required. A final test is performed to make sure the refurbished color laser printers or HP refurbished printers are ready for shipment to the customer. Finally, each refurbished laser printers is professionally and securely boxed (or palletized as appropriate) and shipped to you.

A Message About Refurbished Laser Printers and the Environment:

Recycling and refurbishing are central aspects of PrinterStop’s conscious effort to be kind to the environment. Regrettably many electronic devices conclude their useful lives in dumpsters and landfills. The cost of recycled equipment can vary broadly depending on supply and demand, but generally, such equipment has limited worth. Therefore, the value of recycled printer materials is much less than the cost of disassembly.
Most of the used laser printers for sale that PrinterStop receives can be rebuilt or utilized for parts; however, some have no further usefulness and are therefore slated for recycling. Items such as plastics, circuit boards, metals, wiring and cabling can be recycled. This process is laborious and time intensive (as long as 30 minutes to break down into recyclable components). When enough recyclable materials are accumulated, an ISO 14001 certified recycler is contacted to collect these components.
In order to save money, help the environment, and support the US economy, consumers should buy HP refurbished printers and stay loyal to companies that use refurbished parts to fix used laser printers for sale.  Manufacturing new printers produces more carbon, consumes raw materials, and expends significant energy. PrinterStop’s refurbishing process limits these adverse effects; in addition, our printers are rebuilt in Raleigh, North Carolina, thus helping to curb US dependence on foreign manufacturing.
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